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Atlantic Exchange Inc. is headquartered in Wyoming and also has offices in North Carolina and internationally in Haelen, The Netherlands (Europe). Our objective is to produce all products in the U.S.A., proudly! Currently, all QRM™ (Quick-Release Magnets™) and EasyLean™ Hand Tools (and parts/accessories) are being produced in the State of Ohio. The 2COOL Gear™ products are being manufactured under our guidance in China. We are looking for bringing this production home to the United States soon.

Our Mission and Corporate Slogan is “Sharing Uniqueness™” from around the world through the development and U.S.-production of one-of-a-kind products and services. The products we manufacture and sell in the United States are shared throughout Europe, while the novelties we develop in Europe are imported to and, ultimately, produced in the States.. 'Proudly-Made-in-the-USA' is the corporate vision we drive daily!

Therefore, Atlantic Exchange Inc. proudly develops and manufactures its own product lines in Ohio and North Carolina, USA. 

Atlantic Exchange is planning to develop a food division to be launch in 2024. European Culinaries™ will bring to market delicious and unique food products and services, including our Sweet Deeds™ cookie line, that originates from an old Dutch family recipe.




We import/export and design new and unique products. All of our associates are committed to the success of our mission and instrumental in the search and development of “Uniqueness” across its markets. We want to benefit our consumer through the distribution and production of practical and unique goods and services while allowing us to contribute charitably to those children in need in the United States..

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