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2COOL Gear™ products use Hydrogel technology to absorb water that evaporates and cools for hours.


By soaking in cold water, the Hydrogel absorbs water that is then released slowly through evaporation resulting in hours of cooling. The 2COOL Gear™ technology means the surface of the vest remains dry and comfortable while wearing. Change in temperature? If the temperature rises, the 2COOL Gear™ technology works harder… evaporation happens faster so cooling will be stronger.


SIZING: Sizes run small. In all of our 2COOL Gear™ vests the cooling panels are mainly located on the chest and the back. To get the most out of those cooling panels, it is really important to approximate the width of the chest as accurately as possible. Click here for size chart.



2COOL Gear™ Vest

$139.95 Regular Price
$97.97Sale Price
Color: Sandy
  • 2COOL Gear™ technology mimics the perspiration process through evaporative cooling –  perspiration evaporates at the skin, which extracts energy in the form of heat.

    Proper ventilation allows evaporative cooling up to high humidity (90% RH).

    During product testing, our 2COOL Gear™ products have actively cooled for 48 hours.

  • Bulk orders can be customized. Our 2COOL Gear™ can be made to your specifications, including logos, colors and styles. The ideal customized solution for anyone who experiences extreme heat conditions at work, during sports or any other event.

    “Branding” can shape the way people feel about your company, sports team, school or event … A “cool” and consistent marriage of logo and functionality.

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