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A ‘Handy Assistant’ for all tile and flooring installers.


Applying adhesives to floors is a painstaking, heavy and strenuous job. The patented EasyLean™ makes this work easier and more comfortable. A support for your non-dominant arm/hand while you are troweling and working with the other hand. Our ergonomic design results in fewer back problems, helping you work faster, safer and with more stable support. The  EasyLean™ comes with anti-skid ‘covers’ to prevent scratching of any new floors. (U.S. Patent No. 9404276B2)​


  • As backed by scientific studies, this ergonomic tool helps to prevent back, neck, shoulder and wrist problems. Apart from these advantages, the EasyLean™ also offers other essential benefits:

    • The vertebrae will be less twisted as the working hand (dominant) and the supporting (non-dominant) hand are kept almost equally above the floor at the same height.
    • The lower back will be relieved considerably, as you create a point of support on the floor.
    • The wrist will be less subject to wear, as the support of the EasyLean™ creates a level movement and a healthier angle for the wrist.
    • Flooring installers are able to reach farther. Their expanded reach results in having to get up less often during the application of adhesives.

    Advantages of the EasyLean™ for employers. Due to the support of this innovative, ergonomic tool:

    • The work will be performed faster, resulting in higher productivity;
    • The employees will tire less easily:
    • The chance of absence due to work related injuries will diminish;
    • The capital outlay is low due to an attractive price point;
    • Appreciative employees.
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