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The Combo Kit with unique Quick-Releases contains the Quick-Release Magnet™ Sweeper and Disk in one box. Both products are easy to use, extremely light in weight, practical and very functional with their patented quick-release devices.

Quick-Release Magnet™ Combo Kit

  • Our Quick-Release Magnet™ Sweeper & Disk 2-in-1 Combo Kit are high-grade, industrial quality, American made tools and the first of its kind with a unique quick-release lever on the sweeper and a release cap on the disk. These release devices remove metal/ferrous materials effortlessly.

    The Combo Kit provides you with two tools:

    • Disk (3 3/8”) with patented Quick-Release Cap
    • 14" Sweeper with patented Quick-Release Lever
    • One adjustable, telescopic handle (30”-55”) 
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